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EB-3 Visa Eligibility

Who is eligible for jobs in U.S.A ?

EB-3 Visa Eligibility

The best part is no experience required !

EB-3 Eligibility

Who can apply for US jobs?

Singles, couples, and families with children under 21 years of age
Young latin woman working in hardware store
Individuals aspiring to stay productive, and extend their professional careers
Students studying within or outside USA
Individuals who seek better healthcare opportunities
Individuals who want to improve their professional and economic future
Individuals who want to live and work legally in the UNITED STATES (Lawful permanent residence)

Who cannot apply for US Jobs?

Inadmissible individuals are prohibited by law from entering or working in the United States

The Immigration and Nationalization Act of the United States of America establishes 8 categories of inadmissibility

This applies to all household members who submit applications.

Categories are:

Some of these inadmissibilities can be remedied only if the law so provides.