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What is an EB-3 Visa ?

The “EB3 – Other Workers” is an immigration process to obtain a Green Card or permanent residency in the United States under its immigration laws. This is not a program for obtaining a temporary work permit.

EB-3 Visa Process and Timelines

EB-3 Visa Process Step By Step by Reimagine immigration lahore

Before initiation of this process, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the candidate’s profile to ensure alignment with the needs of our U.S. sponsor. This evaluation may include an interview with the U.S. sponsor to assess compatibility. Upon receiving approval from the U.S. sponsor, the candidate proceeds to complete the Job Application form and sign the agreement, officially initiating the process.

It is a commitment with the U.S Government and the U.S Sponsor that you will work for one year once you get the Green Card.