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Jobs are available in diverse sectors, including but not limited to Retail Sales, Food Production, Transportation, Restaurant Chains, Manufacturing, and the Hotel Industry. The aim is to provide a range of employment options for applicants.

To work in the United States, you must have explicit authorization to do so, working illegally and being paid to perform such work may constitute an inadmissibility that you should be aware of before deciding to apply for an EB3 process.

We facilitate your localization process by providing you with prior information, developing informative webinars, and putting you in contact with external people and companies that can help you throughout the process of finding housing, schools, transportation, banks, and key information for living in the United States.

If you reach an agreement with your Sponsor and your work allows it, you may be able to develop other types of work activities.

Once the form ETA-9089 is approved, applicants have a 30-day window to prepare payment, necessary documents, and the I-140 form to proceed with the application.

Applicants must be in good health, as determined by medical tests. A healthy body is a prerequisite for visa approval.

When you are in the United States and subject to fulfilling the work commitment you have with your sponsor, you may travel outside the United States as long as the duration outside the United States does not exceed 180 days.

The first entry into the United States, once the EB-3 visa is approved, must be with the applicant and the entire family nucleus involved in the process. This is to file the paperwork with immigration and start the process of generating the Green Card and SSN (Social Security Number).

The Sponsor may decide to revoke your visa. That is why it is very important to comply with the moral commitment to work for one or more years, depending on the commitment with your Sponsor, and avoid situations that may jeopardize your residency status or even the citizenship application later on.

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